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Dr. George Firmalino

Dr. George Firmalino is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines and currently an active faculty member of Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery and Founding member Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgery. He is also a Consultant in General Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery of Fatima Medical Center and serves the Medical Academe as Faculty of Fatima Medical College of Medicine since 1997.

He holds a degree of Doctor of Medicine at the West Visayas State University in Iloilo City, Philippines. He was trained as a cosmetic surgeon as a preceptor under the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery from 1994, and became an Associate Fellow in 1997, and a Full Fellow in 1999.

As he espouses the “no marks” principle in cosmetic surgery using state-of-the-art stitching technique, his work is characterized as flawless, stitch less and no blemish surgery, that has made him popular in the aesthetic surgery industry.

Known as humble, passionate and compassionate mentor among his colleagues, Dr. Firmalino is committed to uplifting the standards of Cosmetic Surgery in the Philippines, and one way of giving back to the Lord the blessings he gained from this profession, he is encouraging more doctors to practice cosmetic surgery despite very stiff competition and the current economic situation.

True to his words, he has trained a number of successful cosmetic surgeons, and still trains aspiring ones.  “One thing that makes (us) Filipino cosmetic surgeons one of the best in the world is that, we are creative, adaptable and aggressive to the advances of modern technology. Most of all, we have the heart, not only in our profession and fellow surgeons, but to our patients as well. Filipinos are indeed hospitable beings.”


Dr. Me Ying Ho

Dr. Me Ying Ho has always been fascinated with beauty. When a client comes in, she would always think of how he or she can be more beautiful and more pleasant to look at.

She is a graduate of Centro Escolar University, regarded as a premiere school in dentistry in the Philippines. Practicing dentistry since 1980, Dr. Ho is a specialist in fixed bridge and orthodontics, and has received plaque and trophies namely: “Grand Knights Award”, Recognized as unselfish service to the course of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz Council No. 7344 August 18, 1990 Knights of Columbus Saint Lorenzo Ruiz Council No. 7344 Binondo, Manila in August 18, 1990;  “Professional Achievements Award” Outstanding Business Executive, Express Journal, December 13,1997;  “Dangal ng Lahi Award” Outstanding Dentist/Orthodontist for Child Assistance and Rehabilitation Entity, Inc., September 3, 2000; “Outstanding Businesswoman” by the International Humanitarian Foundation, Inc., February 28, 2001; “Golden Dove Achievement Award” Outstanding Dentist/Orthodontist Achievers Magazine – Exponent of Peoples Achievement, April 28, 2001; “Golden Lifetime Achievement Award” Most Outstanding Dentist/Orthodontist of the New Millennium Development of Filipino Writers, Inc., August 18, 2001; “Outstanding Dental Practitioner” December 9, 2001 Public Broadcast CBS-DWAD 1089 KHZ, December 9, 2001; “Most Accomplished Orthodontist Par Excellence”
Movement Onwards Development and Empowerment in Leadership and Service, December 30, 2004; “Gintong Sikap Award” Outstanding Dentist DFY Inc., May 27, 2006, among others.

“I’ve been in this profession for more than two decades. It’s been very rewarding and fulfilling as I am able to practice my dream and passion since I was a kid. I believe that beautiful set of teeth is tantamount to a beautiful soul. When a person smiles you can see right through him or her…how truly happy she or he is. Who dares to contest that a person who loss one or two or all of her teeth is happy? I bet he or she can’t even smile in front of the camera. That’s my goal to bring out the best in everyone, to feel proud and confident and you can truly tell that when they smile,” Dra. Ho quips.

Dr. Edgar C. Magbanua

Dr. Jed Ho

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