Young woman dancing in red dressYJC Beauty and Slim Center is a pioneer in aesthetic surgery and skin care expert changing the lives of thousands of people who have been reborn with their new you, since 1986. The center offers a complete line up of surgical and non-surgical services, slimming and weight management, height increase, health spa and dental services — truly your one-stop-shop aesthetic choice.


YJC Beauty and Slim Center, is committed to be the trusted choice in surgical and non surgical aesthetic enhancements. With a proven track record and a complete line of beauty experts, YJC espouses beauty with credibility. Our tenet is for our clients to reach their goal of physical perfection.


To be the brand of choice when it comes to credible, affordable and reliable aesthetic beauty centers.


To provide healthy lifestyle for health conscious and/or overweight people, for them to reach their full potentials and realize the advantages and opportunities in their lives.

To provide a reliable anti-aging program, help rejuvenate skin, maintain and reshape body figure either in natural or scientific/surgical approach or method.

To provide up-to-date and complete aesthetic services at reasonable prices and modern standards with friendly environment and a holistic approach.

To change lives of thousands of people who have been reborn with their new you.

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